Tuesday, August 28, 2012


*Thoughts from Saturday August 25th , 2012.  Could not post this blog because there was no internet.*

After living through the last 18 hours of Hurricane Isaac blasting it's way through the country of Haiti, the word refuge has an entirely different meaning for me now. As winds whipped roofs off of homes and trees fell to the ground, here at Mission of Hope, we were safe. What a beautiful and tangible example of the Gospel and God's favor towards us. Without the Lord, we would be alone in the storm but in Him we find safety and rest.

As I walk the MOH campus and see what little damage has happened, I can only thank the Lord that He is our refuge. And as I look through the chain length fence to the villages that surround us, my heart rejoices in the fact that I know we will do all we can to help them and simultaneously my heart breaks as I imagine what the last 18 hours has looked like for them.

We wait. We pray. And know that this storm will pass. The Son will rise and His faithfulness will continue day 

after day after day.

Join me as I work with Mission of Hope: Haiti to see this country changed for Jesus Christ.