Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Power of the Gospel

We opened the Bercy campus for the first time this year on March 7th. We had over 60 people and we were very excited to begin a great week. That Monday, were some Bercy villagers who had gathered at the front gate, seeking jobs at the new campus. We asked them to send us people that were qualified for the positions we were looking for and we would interview them, explaining that the jobs we were hiring for right now needed people that loved Jesus.

Yesterday, I was helping interview translators with our Haitian director for the translators.. We do an "English-only portion" to test their ability to communicate in English. I've used the approach of having them share the Gospel with me to test their communication skills. I pretend that I am a Haitian women and I don't know Jesus. I encourage them to help me understand how to become a Christian. There was one younger man I was interviewing and he was really struggling at being able to convey the concepts of the Gospel. He said he'd been going to church for a long time but it became evident to me that he
definitely wasn't able to express the ideas of salvation. The Holy Spirit prompted my heart and I realized this man was not a Christian, which is why he couldn't explain it to me. Our interview quickly changed and I put down the interview form and began to explain the Gospel to him. We used the diagram of the cross and walked him through salvation. He prayed to receive Christ! He's not going to be a translator quite yet, but we've invited him to the weekly meetings where he will learn more about the Lord and more about his new salvation.