Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Thankful each day....

Are we as aware in the days after Easter?

I had a very unique thought go through my mind over and over this past Sunday, "Will I be as thankful tomorrow?"  Please hear me when I say that taking a day to remember and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus is something I believe we should definitely do!!  But i was challenged in my own heart and mind if I would be as thankful and mindful in the days to come.  If I'm honest with myself, probably not.  I can quickly get carried away in the business of work and life and so quickly forget that the reason I even exist and have this hope, is because Jesus died for my sins over 2000 years ago.  Without his sacrifice and atonement for our sins, we wouldn't have the DAILY joy and promise of an eternal life with him.  I promise I won't get preachy.  Just a simple thought - Will my heart rejoice today and in the days to come as much as it did on Easter Sunday?