Monday, November 11, 2013


I am always asked what a typical day looks like.  There really is no easy answer to this.  So I figured I would do my best to start sharing little glimpses into what I do.


Today – Stop. Drop. And Roll!

Such a simple concept but one that we in N. America take for granted.  Today at MOH we had 2 firemen come to teach fire safety to some of our staff and children at our school.  I was amazed when I sat in on the first session that so many of the Haitian men and women did not know what to do if they were to accidently catch their clothes on fire.  The answers ranged from – Find Water. to Run as fast as you can.  It was so wonderful to see them begin to understand that really, these weren’t very good ideas.  The firemen patiently explained that there may not be time to find water or that running quickly would actually fuel the fire with more fresh air, actually making things worse.  Once the Stop, Drop and Roll method was explained, there was joyous chatter amongst the group.  I asked one man if he understood.  He quickly explained that this was information he has never heard.  He said he was so thankful to learn about the proper way to handle the situation.  He also quickly explained that he was going to teach all of his family this when he went home that day.

So for today – I helped facilitate the logistics to bring 2 firemen to Haiti.  I am very rarely on the front lines working out in the villages but I work with an amazing team to ensure that we can bring amazing people to come and share their giftings and passions with Haiti.  It was such a great morning!