Saturday, January 11, 2014

A simple step

“My prayer is that someday I can walk, just like you.”

She gently reached out and touched my leg.  Her words piercing. 

Scars.  Crutches.  Pain. 


As I looked back into her dark eyes, tears began to fill her gaze.  Tears filled mine as well.  I don’t know what happened or how this woman can no longer walk without the aid of crutches.  I don’t know her story.  But these simple words are one that I will never forget.  I stood in silence and looked back at her.  No words.  The only words that ran through my mind were hers.   “My prayer is that someday I can walk, just like you.”  They literally wrenched my heart.  I stood in silence a moment longer and all I could think to do was pray.  So I gently asked if I could pray with her.  Apple cheeks began to form and light shone from her eyes.  A beautiful smile spilled across her face and she nodded in agreement.  We stood together her hands in mine and we prayed.  The only thing I knew is that Jesus knew her story and He loved her more than me.  Amen was spoken and I was enwrapped in her warm embrace.  Her grip was tight and long.  She released me, kissed my cheek and slowly hobbled back inside so she could get back to work.  In a matter of minutes the moment had come and gone.  I stood by myself for a time and let the cool breeze kiss my skin.  The hot flush of my cheeks such a contrast to the refreshing wind.  I knew this memory would forever be etched in my heart, mind and soul.  I knew I would think of a simple step in a very different way.  I knew that now there would be days and times that I would look at my two perfectly normal, healthy legs and I would be more thankful and grateful than I had ever been.