Thursday, February 6, 2014

And together we sing...

A few mornings ago I had the opportunity to lead worship for an amazing group of women.  I led with a wonderful woman named Roselaure.  She is from the village of Source Matelas and she is a Village Champion, working with Church Advancement at Mission of Hope.  Let me tell you, this woman was born to lead worship.  She has an incredible anointing and when she sings, you know that she understands who Jesus is.  I am inspired by her love for the Lord and her continued faith in His goodness not only for her but also for her home country, Haiti. 

We decided to sing the songs mostly in English but then sing the choruses of the songs a few times in Haitian Creole.  It was absolutely beautiful.  A room full of women, singing “Holy is the Lord God Almighty…. Here I am to say that you’re my God….. You have overcome the grave, your glory fills the highest place” not only in English but in another beautiful language.  Truly a glimpse of heaven.  As every knew will bow and every tongue (language) confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord.