Tuesday, February 21, 2012

He is making ALL things NEW

I could go on and on about all the beautiful things I get to experience day in and day out, here at Mission of Hope. But to me, apart from seeing someone come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, there is nothing better than seeing a life transformed. Whether it’s a new orphan that arrives at our doorstep or a family that has been living in a tent since the earthquake and seeing them receive a home in Leveque, or maybe a child in our school eating in the cafeteria - the only meal they will receive for the day, life transformation is truly a sight to behold. But beyond the life transformation of Haitians, the “icing on the cake” – for lack of a better term – is sitting with a North American team at the end of the day and hearing stories of how God is transforming their lives!! Some team members arrive somewhat nervous because they’ve heard all the reasons why going to Haiti is unwise or maybe a foolish decision. While some team members arrive and their eyes are bright with excitement and anticipation of what the week may entail. But ALL team members leave with eyes even brighter of the hope they have not only for Haiti, but for themselves! The year is just getting underway and I cannot wait to continue to see not only life transformation for every man, woman and child in Haiti, but also every man, woman and child that steps foot into this country!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Letter From Home

Who knew that hand written words on a page could be such a beautiful example of love? Not an electronic mail. Not a status update. Not a tweet. Simple ink stained pages.

As my life continues to move forward here in Haiti, my appreciation for the “simple things in life” continues to grow and grow. A cool breeze on a hot day. Sunrises and sunsets. A cold glass of clean water. Breath in my lungs.

Today I received my first letter from home. My first instinct was to rip open the envelope and quickly read the special words that had been sent to me, but instead I chose to tuck it into my purse and retreat to a solitude place to cherish the letter. It took more time that I would have liked to escape the clamor and clutter of the day, but I finally managed to slip away. Gently I slid my fingers along the seal and released the folds of the paper. It only took a few words and my eyes began to fill with tears. I’ve never cherished a letter until today. Yes, I’ve received many letters in my life, but something is different now. Being oceans apart from family and close friends, it’s amazing how special a letter can be. So today, with a cold glass of water and a cool breeze and a hand written letter, I appreciate the “simple things.”