Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Heaven's Taste

Sometimes the best thing to do with a free afternoon in Haiti is - do what you would normally do. 
So this afternoon = cupcakes. 
112 of them to be exact. 
Every color you can imagine.  Batter.  Frosting.  Sprinkles.  The Works!

 Spending an afternoon making  cupcakes with good friends is such a beautiful reminder of heaven.  Imagine how wonderful a soft, vanilla cupcake with creamy, fudge frosting tastes. Maybe you’re a strawberry cupcake with smooth, cream cheese frosting kind of person.  Whatever your weakness is, it absolutely pales in comparison to what heaven will be like. Can you imagine heaven's taste? 
How gracious is the Lord to bless us with these little treats this side of eternity. 
So we lick our fingers, we peak into the oven, and we definitely ensure there is quality control for the finished product. 
                                 We laugh.  We breath. We live.